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Suzanne Jauchius

Intuitive Consultant

AH!2016 Talk:


Suzanne Jauchius is professional intuitive consultant/psychic, radio personality, author and speaker. She enables people to experience the value of integrity in self and how to employ one's own intuition. Her award-winning memoir You Know Your Way Home is a true story of a woman who spent a lifetime finding herself. Casting away social norms and acceptability, Suzanne overcame frequent tragedy and disheartenment to live as she was meant to be. Her story is riveting and engaging with true crime, unusual experiences, and heart-wrenching honesty. Her autobiography chronicles the human experience so effectively that readers from all walks of life find themselves in the pages.

Suzanne’s clients come to her for clarity and perspective in tackling the daily issues of their lives. They claim that she can truly “see” them in a way that few others can, and in that, they find validation and courage. She has been consulted many times during her career to assist in missing persons; most often at the request of Search and Rescue and family members.

Suzanne can be heard regularly on Portland radio 105.1fm The Buzz answering listener questions. She lives in West Linn.

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