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Steve Linder

Student of the Human Mind

AH!2016 Talk:
Happiness: A Neuro-Strategies Approach


After a rough start to his career, Steve Linder worked hard to bounce back from his previous mistakes. He realized that in order to succeed, he had to rely on the power of personal choice and taking responsibility. This proved successful, and within a few short years, he was not only leading technology efforts on behalf of the California State Department of Education, but he had also founded a thriving consulting firm as well. 

Linder later held executive positions at organizations that included Charles Schwab, Montgomery Securities, NationsBank, and ending in his role as Vice President and Principal at Bank of America Securities.

Even though Linder found astounding success in corporate America, he realized he needed to focus his energy on his own passions. He chose to pursue personal fulfillment and founded Electronic Investing Corporation in 2000 because he saw a need to find a way to do what was once deemed impossible.
Linder found a way for individuals to buy securities in dollar amounts instead of shares. In 2000, he was able to sell his solution to E*TRADE Financial for over $14 million.

After serving E*TRADE in a senior leadership position, Linder realized his true calling was to serve others at an even higher level. He left E*TRADE to devote his energy full-time to Neuro Strategies International – another organization he founded.

Since that time, Steve has worked to coach executives, professional athletes, celebrities, military leaders, parents, and coaching organizations around the world on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is recognized as one of the top NLP trainers internationally and considered to have among the highest standards in the world for NLP certification; his students are regarded as “best in class” as a result.

Linder studied at California State University and Golden Gate University, majoring in information systems and organizational leadership.


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