Activating Happy

Danielle Baker

Certified Body Language Trainer

AH!2016 Talk:
The Power of Nonverbal: Use Your Body Language to Feel More Confident, Capable & Happy


Danielle M. Baker is a Certified Body Language Trainer, Coach and speaker through the Science of People, a human behavior lab in Portland, Oregon. Danielle trains executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, students and large groups about the power of body language to get a nonverbal edge in business, romance and social situations.

Most people don’t realize how important body language and nonverbal communication is in our daily lives. Danielle helps people harness their inner superpower by understanding their own body language and reading the hidden body language of others.

“The human body is a miraculous vessel of circularity. Our facial expressions, our words and our emotions work together to give our lives meaning. When they operate in sync, we have better control and understanding of both ourselves and the people around us.”

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