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AH!2016 Speaker Profile: Dr. Larry Sherman


If you were unable to attend Activating Happy last year, you are in for a treat this November. Dr. Larry Sherman – OHSU Neuroscientist, professional musician and funny guy – will be joining us once again this year.

Dr. Sherman will be sharing with us how the brain perceives pleasure, how this system goes wrong in depression and addiction, and the way our brain reacts to being in love.

Each one of us has experienced ecstatic joy and heart-wrenching lows falling in and out of relationships of various kinds. The impact social connection has on our health is exponential. We all know what it’s like when a treasured relationship abruptly changes or a new one ignites our fire.

Dr. Sherman’s presentation titled, “Sex, Chocolate and Prairie Voles: The Neuroscience of Pleasure and Love,” will help us understand how our brain perceives the emotions of relationships and provide strategies to maneuver through the “mind" fields.

(By the way, I’m as curious as you are about the Prairie Voles.)

As the saying goes, “Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.”

AH!2016 - November 5, 2016

Lakewood Center For The Arts - Lake Oswego