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AH!2016 Speaker Profile: Brad Pendergraft


I met Brad Pendergraft at a challenging time in my life when both my parents passed away 4 months apart. I was feeling less than cheerful. He taught me how our inner voice dictates our state of mind and how to gain control over those thought patterns to live a fulfilling and enriched life.

Brad became a mentor and I studied with him for a few years. I soaked in everything I could about neuroplasticity (the ability for the brain to change) and witnessed profound changes in my life that spread to those around me.

In his decades of experience, Brad has found the best strategies are based in brain science. He believes you simplify the quest for happiness by understanding the source of your emotions – your brain. At Activating Happy, you will learn simple and profound strategies to create the habit of happiness. (I can’t think of a better habit than that!)

Brad’s comprehensive knowledge of the brain and how it works has helped thousands of clients and first-responders relieve stress, anxiety, brain fog, depression, worry, fatigue, PTSD, insomnia and much more.

He is a gifted speaker who promises to be fun, funny and engaging while you’re learning brain strategies that will uplift and change your life.

As Brad says, “When your brain is balanced everything gets brighter.”

AH!2016 - November 5, 2016

Lakewood Center For The Arts - Lake Oswego