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It started with a walk in the woods and a thought that popped into Sandi Serling's mind. "What is it that people really want?" she pondered. The answer was simple... to be happy. The "how?" though was not nearly as obvious. What began was a journey of discovery to figure out what exactly happiness is, what produces it and what makes it seemingly disappear. It's a journey that would connect neuroscientists with philosophers, energy healers with entrepreneurs, doctors with psychics and connect a community of learners to the wealth of knowledge all around them. The result was Activating Happy!

Activating Happy connects curious thinkers with thought leaders in a variety of fields – at our yearly conference, meet-ups at a variety of locals, speaker events, youth programs, online via social media, teleseminars and our newsletter. We believe by sharing these ideas we can bring more happiness into the world.

Together we are Activating Happy!

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